Spider-Man: Ultimate Power

Rabu, 16 April 2014

Mobile game Spider-Man: Ultimate power - screenshots. Gameplay Spider-Man: Ultimate powerSpider-Man returns to the new arcade game runner !
Green Goblin , Venom and sandmen united and kidnapped Mary Jane . Have time to save her , as well as New York!


- Nuclear and runner mixture fighting game with Spider-Man ! Run and fight !
- Thwarting plans villains constructible personally with each of them !
- Easy management allows you to play anywhere, anytime!
- Open the legendary costumes , including costume and Miles Morales Spider- Pig !
- A lot of bonuses based on the superpowers of Spider-Man !
- Open the black suit that will punish the enemies and take the high score!
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Total Conquest

Rabu, 26 Maret 2014

Mobile game Total conquest - screenshots. Gameplay Total conquest

Conquer Ancient Rome
together with Gameloft!
The game will immerse us in ancient times, in Rome.
The challenge is to become a true ruler - Emperor.
build capacity
tower lift the economy and of course do not forget the most important thing - the army.
► Spectator events, dynamic gameplay.
► In your whole power
► Available training and
improvement of 10 different
types of combat units.
► Join the mighty legion or create your own.
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Dragon Mania

Selasa, 31 Desember 2013

Mobile game Dragon mania - screenshots. Gameplay Dragon maniaProfessor Hogvin - the master of dragons and dragons have been stolenViking Meister , who stole them for secret experiments.Trainee Hogvina takesfight against these insidious plans !Meet the friendly and fierce dragons. Educate and spread them , create fantastic dragons and replenish your collection. Improve their habitat and feed them to increase their level and attract more visitors to your dragon island.
Battle tested alone or with your friends dragons - defeat the evil kings of Viking raids.

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Ice Age Village

Mobile game Ice age village - screenshots. Gameplay Ice age villageYou came into the world
Ice Age
occurred after
land because of the split proteins
chases the acorn. You guessed it, the game is on the famous animated film Ice Age.
The whole world is plunged into
permafrost, you need to learn
survive in such conditions.
We can not allow full
kind of extinction, it must continue.

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World at Arms: Wage War for Your Nation

Sabtu, 14 Desember 2013

Charge the gun ! KPA forces crossed the border treacherously of our homeland , bringing danger to the entire free world ! Only you , a powerful military leader can save millions of innocent !In this ultra-modern strategic game you will conduct combat operations around the globe in the exciting single player campaign.
- Lead exciting fights across the globe - on the ground and in the air.- Keep fighting on the ground and in the air - at your disposal is an arsenal !- Take part in an exciting , deep and dynamic campaign !- Gather resources, build , improve and combine forces , build the building.- Explore the many achievements !

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Thor: The Dark World

Kamis, 31 Oktober 2013

Mobile game Thor: The dark world - screenshots. Gameplay Thor: The dark world
Become Thor, the mighty god of thunder, and save the Nine Worlds of Malekith and his army of Dark Elves in the official game of the movie Thor : The kingdom of darkness from Marvel! Join forces with the greatest warriors of Asgard and go into battle against the invasion of elves. Meta Mjolnir , Thor's legendary hammer , and apply the devastating attacks on enemies. Learn all the fighting techniques - they will help you to win the most cruel enemies. Who, if not Thor, save Nine Worlds of the army of Malekith ?Features:- Become Thor, god of thunder, the official game of the movie Thor : The kingdom of darkness from Marvel!- Encourage their powerful allies , Heimdall and Fandralya , to help in the battle !- Strengthening of the hammer and armor to help you throw even the most powerful enemies .- You will have to fight with an army of enemies of the Nine Worlds. Everyone has their own unique abilities.
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Green Farm 3

Sabtu, 21 September 2013

Mobile game Green farm 3 - screenshots. Gameplay Green farm 3

Make your own farm, take care of different animals, grow different plants, harvest everything that grows in your garden. Plunge into the world of farming together with the new Green Farm! The game offers to restore the farm with the help of friends and neighbors, many missions relating farming, gathering harvest, working the land and many other things.
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Real Football 2014

Sabtu, 14 September 2013

Mobile game Real football 2014  - screenshots. Gameplay Real football 2014 Feel the true spirit of football with better graphics and physics of movement, as well as to the new screaming fans and a live stadium.
Improve their skills playing in 5 new mini-games, take part in the role of manager and the ability to pump over his players.
Become a football star in the new and improved football game from Gameloft.
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Danger Dash

Rabu, 11 September 2013

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-fALx90QH6UQ/UicX2J6WMMI/AAAAAAAADKg/MsspGHHui1o/s1600/Danger-Dash-gameloft.gifDanger Dash should be quite familiar to fans who have ran the distance with games like Temple Run and Agent Dash. Players can take on the role of handsome hero Chuck Ace, adventurous chic Miranda Rose, or the powerful and almighty Blowing Wind to rake up highest scores. There’s nothing really original about the game though and players will experience much of the same elements seen in other endless runners, collecting artifacts, avoiding obstacles, picking up power ups and so on.
In Danger dash, the environments are lush and beautiful, a trademark seen in most Gameloft games. Here are some of the other key features of the game.

Key Features: Danger Dash

  • Run in exotic locations: A jungle, a lost city, and a mysterious temple.
  • Collect cool artifacts
  • Play as Chuck Ace, Miranda Rose, or Blowing Wind
  • Use upgrades like Revival Ankh, The Tiger, or Jungle Fever
  • Play for top scores on online leaderboards

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Gangstar City

Sabtu, 27 Juli 2013

Скриншоты java игры Город ганстеров. Игровой процесс Gangstar city- The popular series of games for mobile Gangstar is back!
- Four different cards in the criminal Los Angeles.
- Manage the gang, do business and throws a party.
- To recruit the most notorious thugs to protect their territory.
- Crank up the dirty work and become the king of the underworld.
- Discover dozens of improvements to his gang and den.
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